Secure printing

Secure printing

At BPO Intelligence we recognise that the security of our clients’ data (and in many cases our client’s students’ data), IP, and other materials is paramount. That’s why we have implemented high-level measures for both data and physical security.

We have a proven track record in secure printing, regularly producing highly secure work for Government and some of Australia’s leading learning institutions, including exams and other sensitive material, complying with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

High-level security measures

  • Swipe-card access restricts access only authorised staff.
  • CCTV cameras are fitted throughout the premises.
  • All contractors and visitors must be signed in at reception and accompanied throughout the building by an authorised staff member.
  • Audit logs are kept for all printed sheets and wastage sheets. These sheets are counted and verified by the area supervisor and recorded.
  • Logbooks are available in these secure areas to record access and they are also under constant CCTV monitoring.
  • All printed materials are put away in secure areas whilst not in production. Access to these secure areas is restricted by registered key access. All wastage sheets and plates are also stored in these secured areas.
  • Waste is contained in lockable bins and accounted for throughout the process.
  • Delivery of materials is done via secured FTP site and/or transported by two cleared staff members.

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