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Non-school leavers and
mature-age applicants
If you have completed part of an
undergraduate course at another
university, your entire academic
record will be used as the basis of
selection, including your Grade Point
Average (GPA).
You are still required to meet the
prerequisite subjects for the course.
If you didn’t complete these subjects
in Year 12 (within the past 10 years)
it may be possible to meet them with
university subjects you have studied.
If you haven’t completed an Australian
Year 12 qualifcation, or haven’t studied
for a number of years, you can still
demonstrate your ability to succeed in
your chosen course by:
Undertaking Year 12 in an adult
learning environment (such as the
Centre for Adult Education or a TAFE
Undertaking studies through the
University’s Community Access
Program (CAP)
Fulflling the requirements of the
non-school leaver entry pathway
(see right).
To be eligible for this pathway, you must:
Be aged 23 years or older, and
Be an Australian or New Zealand
citizen or Australian permanent
resident or holder of a permanent
humanitarian visa, and
Have no qualifcations from the past
seven years that could be used as a
basis for selection.
How do I use the non-school
leaver entry pathway?
Step 1:
Meet course prerequisites.
Step 2:
Meet any extra course
Step 3:
Demonstrate your likelihood to
succeed in tertiary study. You can do
this by:
Achieving competitive results in the
Special Tertiary Admissions Test
(STAT) (both sections), or
Achieving competitive results in the
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (all
sections), or
Achieving competitive results in
50 points (typically four subjects)
of assessed study through the
University’s Community Access
Program (CAP) – see below.
How do I apply for the non-
school leaver entry pathway?
You must apply for a University of
Melbourne course through VTAC,
and also apply for Access Melbourne
(mature-age consideration category)
using the VTAC Special Entry Access
Scheme (SEAS) application. See
page 26 for information on Access
Single-subject study via our Community
Access Program (CAP) is a rewarding
way to contribute to your career
development, strengthen your
academic record and pursue personal
and professional interests.
CAP can help you gain entry to
undergraduate study through the non-
school leaver entry pathway. If you
enrol in specifed frst-year subjects via
CAP and achieve the required mark,
this is considered equivalent to meeting
VCE subject prerequisites.
CAP is also a great way to advance your
career, explore new career directions
or simply learn something new at an
internationally renowned university.
The University welcomes applications from non-school
leavers and mature-age students.
Moving back into study is an
exciting time but the process can be
daunting. You might fnd it helpful
to talk to a University staff member,
either face to face or by phone.
Register for an individual half-hour
appointment via the online form at:
My goals are
achievable thanks
to the non-school
leaver entry
“The non-school leaver
entry pathway has been
instrumental in helping
me gain admission to the
University of Melbourne,
without having to return to
school to complete the VCE.”
Harley McLeod
Bachelor of Environments