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Entry with
Satisfactory completion of the VCE
is required for entry to courses at the
University of Melbourne.
The requirement for external
assessment is common in University
of Melbourne entry requirements.
For VCE students this means that
specifed study scores are required for
prerequisite studies to be satisfed – it
is not suffcient for the subject to be
satisfactorily completed without the
study score being achieved. Unless
specifcally stated, all VCE prerequisites
refer to Units 3 and 4 subjects.
Satisfactory completion of the IB
Diploma is required for entry to courses
at the University of Melbourne. Unless
otherwise indicated all prerequisite
IB studies are at Grade 4 Standard
or Higher Level, or higher. For non-
English speaking students, achieving
the required grade in English B will
be accepted as satisfying the English
For all courses, applicants completing
the IB can satisfy the VCE Mathematical
Methods prerequisite by completion of
either Standard Level or Higher Level
IB applicants who apply through VTAC
receive a notional ATAR. This is based
on the overall result in the Diploma,
which is an aggregate of six IB subject
scores plus Theory of Knowledge and
the Extended Essay, giving a score of
up to 45 points.
The University uses an annually
updated combined conversion table,
based on a methodology agreed to by
the Australasian Conference of Tertiary
Admissions Centres (ACTAC). This
table will be used to convert passing
IB results in 2013 for 2014 university
admissions and will be available online
from March 2013.
Australian Capital Territory
Certifcate of Education
Only ’T’ courses are suitable for tertiary
entry. In order to satisfy prerequisites,
subjects must be taken as a major,
a major/minor or a double major.
Subjects taken as minors do not satisfy
prerequisites. The titles used in this
publication are the ’Course Areas’ used
by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary
The University regards Specialist
Mathematics (double major) as
equivalent to both Mathematical
Methods and Specialist Mathematics.
New South Wales Higher
School Certifcate
Board-developed courses are required.
All prerequisite subjects require the
completion of two units of the subject
as a minimum unless otherwise
specifed. Mathematics Extension 2 will
satisfy prerequisites that require two
mathematics subjects.
Queensland Senior School
Authority subjects are required. Where
English, Mathematics, Chemistry and
Physics are offered as an external
subject, this is acceptable as a
South Australian and Northern
Territory Certifcate of
Prerequisite subjects must be SACE
Stage 2 Tertiary Admissions Subjects.
An English subject studied at Stage 2
must be completed to satisfy the
compulsory English prerequisite subject
requirement for all courses at the
University of Melbourne.
Tasmanian Certifcate of
Prerequisite subjects must be TQA
accredited Level 3 courses. An
appropriate Level 3 English is required
for entry to all courses at the University
of Melbourne in addition to other
specifed prerequisites.
Western Australian Certifcate
of Education
Accredited WACE courses are required.
Prerequisite subjects must be Stage 3
course units.
New Zealand National
Certifcate of Educational
Achievement (NCEA)
Successful completion of NCEA is
required, including the completion of
at least 80 credits at Level 3. At least
14 credits of English at Level 3 must
be completed (to a standard of at least
55 per cent merit or above) to satisfy
the English prerequisite required for all
courses at the University of Melbourne.
Australian and New Zealand citizens
studying overseas qualifcations such
as the IB, GCE A Levels or equivalent
will be considered on the basis of
academic merit and the satisfactory
completion of prerequisite subjects.
Access Melbourne applications will also
be considered (see page 26).
In most cases, minimum admission
requirements for domestic students
are equivalent to the entry standards
for international students. However,
Commonwealth Supported Places are
offered on the basis of academic merit,
and the standard required to receive an
offer may be higher than the minimum
admission requirement, depending
on the demand for the course and the
number of Commonwealth Supported
Places available.
For information about entry
requirements see pages 100–108 or
go to:
In some cases the University
of Melbourne requirements for
interstate and IB applicants may not
match the conversions published
on the VTAC website. Where a
discrepancy exists, the University
will abide by the information
provided in this publication.
Interstate and
IB applicants