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Minimum scores
Applicants who achieve the minimum ATAR (or notional
ATAR) for a course will be eligible to be considered for a
place provided prerequisite studies and any other specifc
course requirements are met. Only applicants eligible for
special entry schemes will be admitted below this ATAR.
Note that Commonwealth Supported Places are offered
on the basis of academic merit and the Clearly-in Rank
may be higher than the minimum ATAR.
Clearly-in Rank
The 2013 Clearly-in Rank can be used as a guide to the
standard required for a Commonwealth Supported Place.
However, Clearly-in Ranks vary from year to year.
Access Melbourne selection guarantee
Eligible students who apply through Access Melbourne
and are from a disadvantaged fnancial background
and/or rural or isolated area are eligible for a selection
guarantee into the relevant course. Students must
achieve the specifed ATAR or notional ATAR and meet
prerequisite studies. Guaranteed ATARs for 2014 entry
will be published by June 2013 at:
English language requirements
See page 110.
Guaranteed scores
The following international students are eligible
for guaranteed entry into the University’s
undergraduate degrees:
Students studying in Australia: An Australian Year 12
program, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
or the Trinity College Foundation Studies Program
Students studying overseas: The GCE A Levels, the
IB Diploma or an Australian Year 12 program.
Students must achieve the required score, meet
prerequisite studies and satisfy the English language
requirements. There must still be places available in the
course at the time of acceptance.
Indicative scores
Indicative scores for some qualifcations can be used as
a guide to the standard required for entry. Scores listed
were for 2013 entry and should be used as a guide only.
English language requirements
See page 110.
Entry requirements
English language requirements
English language assistance