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Studies in
Psychology is the study of the human mind and
behaviour. If working with people and exploring how
they think, feel and behave appeals to you, a career
in psychology is a great choice.
Entry requirements
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13MELB (13 6352)
More info
How to study Psychology
at Melbourne
At Melbourne, psychology is studied
as an accredited major sequence in the
Bachelor of Arts, Science or Commerce,
or as individual breadth studies in most
degrees. Psychology is not offered
as an independent undergraduate
degree. Instead, the option to study
psychology in conjunction with other
undergraduate subjects gives you the
opportunity to broaden your subject
selection, expertise and possible career
No additional prerequisites are required
to study psychology in frst year, once
you meet the entry requirements for
your chosen undergraduate degree.
Major in psychology
If you wish to major in psychology you
need to complete a sequence of 125
credit points of study accredited by the
Australian Psychology Accreditation
Council (APAC). You can do this
through the Bachelor of Arts, Science
or Commerce.
The psychology
major develops a wide understanding
of psychology, with a sequential
development of knowledge in the area,
including advanced subjects in third year.
Psychology as breadth
Psychology can be studied as breadth
studies in many degrees. As it is
relevant to many different felds, you
may choose to study psychology to
complement another specialisation or
area you are studying.
For example, Arts students could
combine studies in psychology and
criminology, which provides a strong
background in social and behavioural
science and research methodology.
Arts students also have the fexibility to
study a 75-point minor (six subjects) in
Commerce students fnd psychology
useful as it provides them with insights
into areas such as consumer behaviour
and organisational behaviour.
Students interested in the sciences can
study behavioural neuroscience, which
combines the biomedical sciences with
psychology to examine the relationship
between brain function and behaviour.
Fourth year or honours in
If you would like to register as a
psychologist in Australia you must
complete a four-year accredited
sequence in psychology. The fourth-
year program in psychology can be
undertaken through an Arts or Science
honours degree or the Postgraduate
Diploma in Psychology, all of which are
accredited by the Australian Psychology
Accreditation Council (APAC). The
fourth-year program helps you acquire
the knowledge, skills and research
necessary to achieve excellence in
Application to the honours program
is open to graduates of the Bachelor
of Arts or Bachelor of Science (or
equivalent) with an APAC-accredited
three-year sequence in psychology (or
Entry to the Postgraduate Diploma
in Psychology is open to graduates
with a bachelors degree (or equivalent
qualifcation) that includes an APAC-
accredited three-year sequence in
psychology (or equivalent).
The APAC-accredited sequence may not be possible in all Bachelor of Commerce streams. For
more information go to:
learning at:
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Royal Children’s Hospital
St Vincent’s Hospital
Austin Hospital
Psychology taught at
Melbourne since the late