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Bachelor of
Oral Health
The Bachelor of Oral Health has a curriculum refecting the
latest developments in oral health for the education of oral
health therapists (dental hygienists and therapists).
3 years full time
Part time not available
Fourth year honours available
Semester 1
Contact hours (frst year)
Approximately 30 to 32 hours
per week
Extra requirements
Applicants will be required
to comply with the Faculty of
Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Sciences Infectious Diseases and
Immunisation Policy and other
requirements, including a police
check and frst aid certifcates.
Quick facts
Course description
As a Bachelor of Oral Health student,
you’ll develop all the scientifc,
theoretical and clinical skills required
for practice as an oral health therapist
(which includes both dental hygienist
and dental therapist practice).
These skills include:
Communication and interpersonal
Evaluation skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Critical thinking skills
Respect for intellectual integrity and
scientifc truth
Planning and time management skills
Self-directed learning skills
Leadership and advocacy skills
Appreciation of, and sensitivity to,
cultural diversity
Clinical treatment skills.
Major areas of study
Clinical and Preventive Dentistry
Dental and Health Sciences
Social Sciences and Health
Vocational Clinical Practice
Career outcomes
On graduation, you could practise
as an oral health therapist, a dental
therapist or dental hygienist. Oral
health therapists (which includes dental
therapists and hygienists) examine and
diagnose oral and dental conditions,
prevent disease, and undertake oral
health promotion and a range of
orthodontic and preventive procedures,
including impressions, topical fuoride
applications and fssure sealants. They
also take and interpret radiographs
and work alongside other dental
practitioners to improve oral health.
Dental therapists provide dental care for
children, adolescents and young adults
up to age 25. They restore and conserve
permanent and deciduous teeth,
perform extractions of deciduous teeth,
and remove calculus. Under recent
changes, dental therapists are also able
to provide care to adults under certain
Dental hygienists provide dental care
for all age groups. They examine and
diagnose periodontal conditions,
plan care, and clean, scale and root
plane teeth.
Honours is a fourth-year program
which gives you the opportunity to
draw together your previous studies
and focus your knowledge, skills and
intellect on an exciting piece of original
Honours develops your capacity for
independent study and research. You
will develop maturity and skills for
transition to employment in a range
of occupations and industries, or to a
research higher degree.
One of the most
high-tech teaching
in the
southern hemisphere