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Studies in
IT graduates are in high demand, locally and
internationally. Studying information systems and
computer science at Melbourne won’t just prepare you
for your frst job – it will set you up for your career.
IT revolutionises every aspect of
our lives, from business to health to
entertainment. It underlies scientifc
discoveries and medical breakthroughs,
and helps develop innovative new
products and services. A career in
IT will place you in the middle of an
exciting and dynamic industry that is
continually transforming our society.
There is a critical shortage of IT
professionals in Australia.
embarking on an IT career, you will
enter an industry that is crying out
for talented and skilled professionals.
You will have a wealth of exciting and
well-paid job opportunities, both within
Australia and internationally.
IT at Melbourne spans the disciplines
of Computer Science, Geomatics,
Informatics, Information Systems and
Software Engineering. Studying IT at
Melbourne, you will gain more than
just technical skills – you will lay the
foundations to learn, do, create, build,
connect and solve for life.
Melbourne offers you fexible options to
incorporate IT into your undergraduate
course, with pathways to our
professionally recognised graduate
programs. Three IT majors are available
in the Bachelor of Science, and one
in the Bachelor of Environments.
You can also undertake a Concurrent
Diploma in Informatics, which will give
you an IT qualifcation alongside your
undergraduate degree.
After studying IT at Melbourne, you
will enter the profession with the ideal
combination of technical, analytical and
interpersonal skills employers in the IT
industry are demanding.
IT through the Bachelor of
The Bachelor of Environments offers
a major in Geomatics, allowing you
to develop knowledge in spatial
measurement and analysis for both the
human and natural environments. A
Geomatics major will prepare you for
a range of IT careers in geographical
information systems, environmental
management and IT in business and
government organisations. The major is
also a pathway to our graduate courses,
allowing you to pursue careers as an
accredited surveyor, geomatic engineer
or spatial information expert. For more
information about the Bachelor of
Environments see page 54.
IT through the Bachelor of
Through the Bachelor of Science you
can choose from three IT majors:
Computing and Software Systems
These offer outstanding pathways
to a career in the high-demand IT
industry, or to professional graduate
study. An IT major can lead to careers
in all kinds of settings – from your own
startup company to large corporations,
government and not-for-proft
organisations. Our graduates design
software and information systems,
unlock the meaning and value in data
and information, and shape the ways
people and technology interact. For
more information about the Bachelor of
Science see page 68.
IT through the Diploma in
The Diploma in Informatics equips you
with the IT skills that employers seek,
and complements your undergraduate
course. It adds one semester to a
normal three-year degree, allowing
you to graduate with a degree and
diploma in three and a half years. The
Diploma in Informatics is professionally
accredited by the Australian Computer
Society and can lead to a vast range
of IT career opportunities across
fnance, economics, science, health,
technology, communications, social
media and many other sectors. The
Diploma in Informatics is also a
pathway to a number of IT graduate
study options, including the Master of
Engineering (Software), the Master of
Information Systems and the Master
of Spatial Information Science. For
more information about the Diploma in
Informatics see page 70.
From Melbourne to
Studying at Melbourne
gave me the skills I needed
to succeed in the IT industry.
We had guest lecturers talk
to us about running start-ups,
working on anti-malware at
Microsoft and intellectual
property rights, and we
completed team projects,
which involved liaising with
real customers.
Reuben Bond
Software Engineer, Microsoft
Software Engineering
Clarius Skills Index, March 2012
Our students were on
Australia’s winning
Microsoft Imagine Cup
team in 2012 (see page 85)