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Once you have established which course interests you, use the page
references to take you straight to the relevant information.
Degree or course name
Next to the study area you are interested in, look at the list of degrees in
which it is taught.
There are three types of courses listed in the table, as highlighted by their
Bachelors degrees
A bachelors degree (undergraduate degree) is usually your frst course
at university.
Many of the degrees listed in the table provide pathways to further study
at masters level.
Concurrent diplomas
At Melbourne, you can study a concurrent diploma alongside most
degrees. It may be possible to complete your diploma in the same time
that it takes to complete a three-year undergraduate degree or it may add
up to an additional 12 months to the degree completion time.
Graduate professional entry programs
At the completion of an undergraduate degree, you have the option of
continuing your studies at masters level.
The University of Melbourne offers over 270 graduate programs.
This index highlights our graduate professional entry degrees only.
For more information about graduate study, see page 14, or go to:
Course index: Step by step
Study areas
The table on the following pages lists many of the study areas offered at
the University.
Look for the study area you are interested in.
Many but not all pathways to graduate study are shown in the course index. Check Course Search
for more information:
Most graduate professional entry courses are offered as masters degrees. However, graduate and
postgraduate certifcates, graduate and postgraduate diplomas and doctorates are also available.
A degree with a
I wanted a degree that took
a different approach towards
the world around us. I am
looking forward to entering
the workforce and learning
as much as I can to build
my career in the property
development industry.
Boon Heng Tan
Bachelor of Environments