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More than a place
to live
At frst I thought ’more
than a place to live’ was
just a marketing ploy. But
throughout my time here I’ve
discovered a sense of true
community – whether it’s at
the dinner table, the sports
oval, or when your new best
friends come to your room for
tea and biscuits at 8pm and
stay till midnight. Never would
I have imagined that I would
love this place in such an
intense way.
Dejan Jotanovic
New Zealand
Bachelor of Arts
St Hilda’s College resident
Residential colleges
on our doorstep
Living at a residential college offers students a
unique university experience, providing a welcoming
community, personalised academic support and
opportunities to connect with like-minded people.
Residents live in fully furnished
single rooms with phone and internet
connections, within secure buildings
less than 10 minutes’ walk from the
Parkville campus. All colleges are
co-residential, with shared bathroom
and laundry facilities.
All meals are provided – usually three
per day. Residents dine together in their
college’s dining hall, and attend formal
dinners during the week. Colleges also
have facilities such as libraries, IT labs
and music practice rooms, as well as
sporting and recreational facilities.
Typically, college residence is for 36
to 40 weeks per year, covering the
University semesters and exam periods.
Each college is a unique community,
made up of students studying a wide
range of subjects, and who have come
from different parts of Victoria, interstate
and overseas. The colleges allow you to
make a smooth transition into university
life by providing a supportive, secure and
inclusive environment.
A focus on academic life is a crucial
part of the colleges. Tutors provide
personalised support to complement
your formal university classes, and
ensure you are working towards
reaching your full academic potential.
There is a multitude of social, cultural
and sporting activities to take part in
at the colleges. College provides an
outlet for your passion, whether it be
art, music, sport or debating, and you’ll
fnd other students who share the
same passion. You’ll be encouraged
to try something new – always with a
supportive audience!
You’ll also be provided with plenty of
opportunities to hone your leadership
skills, and interact with respected
academics and professionals who give
lectures or attend formal dinners at the
The colleges aspire to make the college
experience accessible to all and will offer
over $3.5 million in scholarships and
bursaries in 2014. Financial assistance
usually takes the form of a reduction
in fees. Employment opportunities,
including tutoring in later years, can
substantially assist with costs.
Intercollegiate Offce
The offce can assist with queries
or facilitate tours at any time of
the year.
+ 61 3 9347 9320
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