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Learn about the
in person
Studying overseas is a great way to immerse yourself
in a completely different social, cultural and intellectual
environment and get a truly international experience
during your studies.
At Melbourne we encourage and
support you to undertake part of
your studies overseas through a
student exchange or study abroad
opportunity. You can receive credit
and fulfl academic or practical work
requirements for your degree through
approved programs all over the world.
Our students have undertaken research
at Europe’s oldest university in Bologna,
studied French in Québec, developed
their knowledge of physics in Japan,
learned about management in the
fashion industry in Milan, and developed
their community skills in Chile.
As a student at Melbourne, you can
study at some of the world’s most
prestigious institutions (see our list
of formal exchange partners on
pages 30–31). Along the way, you’ll
get a competitive edge – employers
are always looking for international
experience. Best of all, you’ll have an
amazing time.
Get an academic edge
Gain an international perspective
on your area of study, and develop
a closer understanding of the
Study subjects not offered at the
University of Melbourne.
Improve your foreign language skills
or learn a new language.
Experience a different academic
Expand your personal horizons
Meet new people from all over
the world.
Immerse yourself in a new culture.
Explore your host country and
surrounding countries during
semester breaks and after your
Increase your independence and
return to Australia with greater
Build your professional skills
Prove your ability to succeed in
prestigious institutions around
the world.
Build international partnerships and
meet new people on an academic,
professional and personal level.
Give yourself a competitive
edge – you’ll have unique language
and cross-cultural skills.
Make your résumé stand out –
your international experience
demonstrates initiative
and independence.
A once-in-a-lifetime
My semester in Canada has
given me an entirely different
perspective on life. I learned to
say ’yes’ to all opportunities,
for this was a once-in-a-
lifetime experience and I was
meant to make the most of it.
Studying at McGill University
really improved my work ethic
and my grades.
Will Smibert
Bachelor of Commerce
Exchange to McGill University,
Experience the wonderfully chaotic New York City