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The best and brightest
fromevery background
The University of Melbourne is committed to providing
education opportunities for students from a range of
disadvantaged backgrounds.
If you’re a domestic student, you can
enhance your opportunity for selection
by applying for Access Melbourne,
the University of Melbourne’s special
entry scheme.
Access Melbourne can help you gain
a place in a course, even if your ATAR
is below the Clearly-in Rank, by letting
you explain the ongoing circumstances
that have affected your education. You
can also apply via VTAC for a range of
scholarships (see pages 24–25).
You can apply for an access place under
one or more of the following categories:
Disadvantaged fnancial background
Applicants from rural or isolated areas
Under-represented schools
Diffcult circumstances
Disability or medical condition
Non-English speaking background
Recognition as an Indigenous
Mature-age consideration
(non-school leaver entry pathway).
How to apply for Access
Applications for Access Melbourne are
made using the Special Entry Access
Scheme (SEAS) application on the VTAC
website. If you would like to apply for a
Melbourne Access Scholarship, you will
need to submit a scholarship application
via VTAC in addition to your SEAS
Get a guaranteed place
If you’re a domestic secondary school leaver from a rural or isolated area
or have a disadvantaged fnancial background, you could be eligible for a
guaranteed place at Melbourne, even if your ATAR is well below the
Clearly-in Rank.
Students who met the course prerequisites and achieved the following
ATAR or notional ATAR were guaranteed a place commencing in 2013:
78 or above
– Arts, Environments or Science
88 or above
– Commerce
95 or above
– Biomedicine.
Guaranteed ATARs for 2014 entry are expected to be known by June 2013
and will be published at:
One step closer to
fulflling my dream
Access Melbourne has brought
me a step closer to fulflling my
goals in life by helping me to
gain entry into the Bachelor of
Commerce at Melbourne. My
dream job is to be CEO of KPMG,
but I'll start off small and say I'd love
to be an accountant at KPMG!
Vanessa Fabris
Bachelor of Commerce
of Commonwealth Supported
Places reserved
for Access Melbourne applicants