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Become a uni student
in high school!
Get a taste of university life, develop your academic and
leadership skills and meet other like-minded students
through our programs for secondary school students.
The University of Melbourne Extension
Program offers an exciting opportunity
for you to study at university level during
Year 12, giving you a head start on your
future studies – tuition fee-free!
Experience university life: You’ll be
studying at frst-year level alongside
other high-achieving university and
Extension Program students.
Contribute to your ATAR: Depending
on your results, you could earn an
increment for your ATAR aggregate
of 3.0 to 5.0 points, which can be
used as a ffth or sixth study in the
calculation of your ATAR.
Choose from more than 20 subject
Earn university credit: If you enrol
in an undergraduate degree at the
University of Melbourne after fnishing
Year 12, you could receive credit for
your Extension Program studies.
Have access to university resources:
You’ll have access to the University
of Melbourne Library, a personal
email account and the Learning
Management System (LMS) to
interact with other students and
teaching staff.
Attend university events: You can
participate in the annual VCE revision
lectures led by top teachers and
past exam assessors, and attend a
graduation ceremony on completion
of the program.
Who can apply?
To be eligible for the Extension Program
you must obtain A/A+ results in the
specifc prerequisite or preparatory
subject/s for the Extension Program
subject area you’d like to study, together
with a B+ average across all other
Year 11 subjects. You must also be
undertaking a normal full-time VCE
(minimum of fve VCE Units 3/4) or its
equivalent, and have the support of your
parent/guardian, school and principal.
The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars
Program is an academic enrichment
program for high-achieving secondary
school students. You’ll have the
chance to meet like-minded students
while developing your academic and
leadership skills and getting a taste of
uni life.
In Year 11 and 12:
Develop your leadership and
community involvement skills
Receive invitations to exclusive
academic events and activities
at the University including case
competitions, overnight events on
campus and VCE revision lectures
Stay in touch with other Young
Scholars from around Victoria
through your own online portal
Enjoy access to the largest
library collection in the southern
hemisphere and other University
At University:
Receive a guaranteed place into
selected undergraduate degrees
subject to meeting eligibility
criteria (see the website for more
Receive a relocation allowance to
help in your transition to Melbourne
(if you’re moving from a rural area)
Gain a Melbourne Global Scholars
Award to undertake study overseas
(subject to achieving a 65 per cent
Grade Point Average during your
university studies).
Who can apply?
Year 10 domestic and international
students enrolled in Victorian and select
New South Wales and South Australian
border secondary schools are eligible.
We encourage Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander students to apply. You will
be selected on the basis of your school’s
endorsement and your own academic
performance and leadership skills.
Classes are held on campus or through a School Centre. There are no university tuition fees for
subjects delivered on campus, but some School Centres may charge an administrative/teaching fee.
Extension Program
+61 3 8344 5538
Kwong Lee Dow
Young Scholars Program
+61 3 8344 5403
More info
A major head start
From making friends at Year
11 camp to gaining academic
advice on the revision lectures
that greatly assisted in my
Year 11 and 12 studies, the
KLD program provided me
with many experiences. Being
part of the KLD program has
given me a major head start,
providing me with confdence
to begin my university
David Mc Gahey
KLD Class of 2011
Bachelor of Science