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You’ll always
feel supported
The University of Melbourne offers one of the most
comprehensive student support networks in Australia.
Advice and assistance are always at hand.
If you’re looking for help but
don’t know where to start, try the
Student Services Finder:
Need some help?
Academic Skills
A range of services to assist you
to develop academic and English
language skills.
Advocacy Service
Advice and advocacy for problems
big and small.
Careers & Employment
Expert, up-to-date careers advice
and information.
Pastoral and spiritual care,
confdential support and
encouragement to all students and
staff, whatever their faith. Prayer
rooms are available at all campuses.
Children’s Services
The University’s two day care
centres look after the children of
students and staff.
Counselling and Psychological
Free, confdential counselling, as
well as a wide range of workshops
and seminars.
Destination Melbourne
Offers eligible students a head
start in discovering and managing
University life. Over three days,
incorporating Academic Advice Day
on campus, you’ll become familiar
with the University, your course and
the University’s home in Parkville.
Diagnostic English Language
Assessment (DELA)
Diagnostic tool that identifes the
academic language skills you can
develop further in order to do well in
your studies.
Disability Liaison
Advice and services to reduce the
impact of health and disability-related
issues that might affect your study.
Eye Care Clinic
Glasses and contact lenses are
available from the University’s
Eye Care Clinic at signifcantly
reduced costs.
Financial Aid
Information on fnancial issues
relevant to students, including
money and tax matters, Centrelink,
interest-free loans, grants, budgeting
advice and cost-of-living estimates.
Health Service
Bulk-billed health services for
students and their dependants.
The University of Melbourne
Library is one of the biggest in
Australia. The 12 libraries across our
campuses offer extensive services,
facilities and study spaces, and a
comprehensive collection of print,
electronic and other course-related
resources such as books, journals,
archives, cultural and special
collections, videos, magazines,
software, tapes, slides, flms,
newspapers and maps.
Melbourne University Sport
Provides a broad range of
professional health and wellness
services and fully equipped facilities.
See page 18.
Murrup Barak, Melbourne
Institute For Indigenous
Provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander students with a range of
support services.
Promotes personal safety and theft
prevention. A 24-hour security
escort service is available to all
Student Housing
Information about housing options
and services offered by Student
Housing. See page 32.
Student Union
Offers a wide range of cultural and
extracurricular activities and
support services.
Transition and Orientation
We’ll help you settle in and support
you from your very frst week to
your last with our transition and
orientation events and support
services. It all kicks off with
Orientation Week in February.