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After graduating from your bachelors
degree you could:
Head straight into the workforce and
begin your career
Pursue a professional qualifcation
at masters level through a graduate
coursework degree
Experience the thrill of discovery
through a graduate research degree.
A graduate coursework qualifcation
from Melbourne will set you up to
become a leader in your feld, and
open up a wider range of career
opportunities and earning potential.
In the competitive global employment
market, a graduate qualifcation sets
you apart as someone who is looking to
advance and lead, and has the skills and
knowledge to succeed.
Coursework degrees are structured
courses that have set classes and
assignments. Some coursework
programs may include a small
research project.
There are two types of graduate
coursework degrees at Melbourne:
Graduate professional entry degrees
Graduate professional development
Graduate professional
entry degrees
Melbourne’s graduate professional
entry degrees give you a professional
qualifcation at masters level. These
programs offer intensive, focused study
and professional knowledge – preparing
you for the career of your choice.
Designed with the needs of
internationally mobile graduates in
mind, these qualifcations are endorsed
by the Australian Government as
pathways to professional employment in
Australia. Many are also recognised by
professional bodies around the world.
On graduation, you’ll be awarded
a masters qualifcation in your
chosen feld. This is a higher level
of qualifcation than you would gain
studying a ’double’ or ’combined’
undergraduate bachelors degree at
another university.
Discover the exciting possibilities that
await once you graduate with your
bachelors degree from Melbourne.
A wealth of
At the beginning of my
journey in the Melbourne JD
I was buzzing with excitement.
The intellectual stimulation,
interesting people and wealth
of opportunities seemed
endless. Two semesters in,
this feeling has not changed.
Louise McNeil
Bachelor of Arts
Juris Doctor (Law)
graduate courses
The best possible
training for the
Having completed my
undergraduate degree
here, I was convinced that
Melbourne was the best
choice for my graduate study.
I knew I would receive the
best possible training for
entry into the workforce.
The teaching staff are highly
knowledgeable and passionate
about inspiring future
generations of students.
Edmund Kwong
Bachelor of Science
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Graduate professional
development degrees
These programs are ideal if you’re
already trained in a particular area and
are looking to advance your knowledge
through further graduate study. They
can help you to increase your earning
potential, get a promotion, or move into
a new career area.
To view the extensive range of graduate
coursework degrees available, go to: